Introducing WhyHyde

A Fashion label, without labels
WhyHyde are creating an identity you wear as a signal to others it’s OK to be you. By wearing the ‘Y’ you agree it’s time for change!

For many years, the fashion and creative industry has made its voice heard, showing the feelings of entire nations on slogan-filled
T-Shirts or daring advertising campaigns, but all driven by a common passion…

Different, not Divided…

Unhappy with the divisive and intolerant attitudes surrounding us all during these unprecedented times. Driven by political agendas, fuelled by the media both mainstream and social, and the supposed global view of diversity being a bad thing, we wanted to spread the message of ‘different, not divided’ that most people live by in this world.

The Birth of WhyHyde

Allie Morgan, and Ian Smith the founders of WhyHyde, came together to deliver on a longstanding vision from Allie to create a brand that was open to everybody. We arrive in 2016. the world was changing and started to become less tolerant of sections of society, and we were unhappy!
The team identified now was the time to make Why Hide (it’s original title) happen and WhyHyde was born… It’s purpose – to give a voice to the silent majority.

As the brand developed into a social cause; the ‘I’ (ego) became a ‘Y’ (tolerance) and WhyHyde was finally realised.

WhyHyde’s not about politics – we’re not liberal warriors, we’re not politically correct equality & diversity police. We don’t have a hidden agenda. We’re just creative souls who want to see diversity and difference celebrated,
not vilified.

 Would you wear the 'Y' ? 

We felt the best way to transmit this, was to create the WhyHyde manifesto. A message that free-thinking humans could wear with pride. No shouting, or marching, just a group of people supporting one cause.

Letting people know that most of us are in fact nice
people who want to get on with each other.

The Full Story

 The WhyHyde 'Be You' Tag 

The ‘Be You’ tag is a simple label that will be included on every single garment we create. Although the placement of this tag may vary from garment to garment the message remains clear and consistent, We will stand together and be intolerant of intolerance.
Wearing the ‘Y’ is a small, yet bold statement to the world that you are a nice person.


Our T-Shirts will hold this looped label on the hem of the shirt located on the right-hand side and will be designed to stand out from the colour of the garment it is stitched onto. The tag is very simple in aesthetic as the front side houses our ‘Y’ icon, the reverse of this tag will contain a simple reminder to always ‘Be You’.

 Support us on Kickstarter! 

kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality through crowd-funding. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects big and small have come to life with the support of the kickstarter community. So why kickstarter? For us to get they on the streets we need to know we have your support, not just for kickstarter but long into the future and across the world. Your support in getting #whyhyde on the streets gives us the best chance to start to change perceptions and behaviours of modern society and its many prejudices through our clothing line. Register on this website to be the first to know when we launch so you can support our mission for a
tolerant society.

check out our kickstarter project page by clicking the following link!

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